Modeling - Acting - Voice Overs

Service Offerings

 We offer a variety of workshops and seminars covering Introduction to the Business world of Modeling and Acting

  1. Market materials - Headshots, Resumes, Composite cards.
  2. Assisting with agent interviews and call backs.
  3. Preparing  for cold reading skills,  monologues, two people scenes, actors jargon. (Click here to to check a sample of voice overs in commercial and narrative here)
  4. Intensive workshop actor's session for movies and film.
  5. Basic Runway technique's , model's handbook, garment bag instructions. ( Hair and makeup) Height and weight guide for both Male and Female.
  6. Building your network with photographers, makeup artists, stylists and more...
  7. Top modeling agents in Dallas, New York, and other markets. 
  8. Seminar Introduction what agents look for in models
  9. Seminar introduction what agents look for in actors.
  10. Looking for Singers and Songwriters to promote their career. Send demos.
  11. Parent Seminar - Q & A - Children and the Entertainment Field. A Honest Evaluation will be given !