Our Mission

Moda Belletto 

Established 1980

Under the direction of Dea Caldwell of Lewisville, TX. 

Dallas is a promising stop on your journey to success in your talent career. Dea Caldwell is the guide to develop your strength among the competition in your modeling or acting career. 

Starting as a model herself in 1974, Caldwell has gained the knowledge of the entertainment industry first hand. Having worked as a model, actor, fashion show director, promotional manager, and regional makeup artist with companies such as Estee Lauder and Elizabeth Arden, Caldwell has been in tune with the industry for the majority of her life. Her work has been recognized in People, Teen People, and Harper’s Bazaar Magazines. Dea Caldwell has also served as a guest speaker, leading her experiences at many functions, big and small, for groups around the corporate world. Carrying on her knowledge to the pageant sector, Caldwell has judged local, state, and national pageants while also holding a pageant title herself. 

After years of being in front of audiences, Dea Caldwell carries a passion to inspire others in the industry by hosting model and actor events that benefit not only the talent she mentors but the community as well.  Her company Moda Belletto currently trains aspiring hopefuls, one-on-one, in the industry by leading them to success in their talents through, acting, modeling, and confidence building seminars and guiding them to achieve their dream. 

Caldwell leads many talents onward in their career by providing them with resources such as the Model and Talent Expo convention in Dallas, Texas.   Moda Belletto (formerly Fashion Seminar has received many Outstanding Achievement Awards in the training of models and talent. In 2003 FS Won for Troupe Competition for Outstanding Choreography. 

Most importantly Ms. Caldwell has written a book on Dyslexia her personal journey sharing the difficulties of this problem and the challenges she faced. Her favorite quote is “We fall forward to Success!” Book available in summer of 2019.   

Moda Belletto is a boutique training and development center for models and actors. As a guide to your career path each step you take is important and our concept is to make sure you have the tools for this business.

Starting your career in acting or modeling field is always very exciting and for that reason you need to be prepared.  Finding the right acting coaches, modeling assistance, photographers, fashion stylist can be very challenging. We have designed a program that will help you achieve your goals. We act as your mother agent managing and  guiding your career including introducing you to agents across the globe.

While working with top agents, casting directors and music companies many of our talent have been signed and our now working in their chosen field.

This is not an easy business and many talent give up too early. You have to have a strong backbone! Rejection is high!  Remember this: There are NO Guarantees in this business! And Moda Belletto can not make any guarantees of your success! 

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